Pittsburgh G20MESH has been considering what to do for the G20 conference. However, planning for the G20 has become very difficult due to the monstrous security situation, so I am going to at least share with you fine folks my latest thinking in a nutshell...

A G20 SoccerFest at Schenley Park

What I am proposing to the Riverhounds, PAWest, Dynamo Soccer and Allegheny County is a program that would highlight the G20 coming to town September 24-25 in an educational and fun way. Namely - A G20 SoccerFest benefiting the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank - 9am-9pm on both Thursday, Sept 24th and Friday, September 25th at the Schenley Park Oval.

While PAWest and the Pittsburgh Riverhounds conduct Soccer Clinics, Skills Stations and 3 v 3 Competitions, the Citizen Athlete Games volunteers would schedule all participants for some classroom time under a tent to take the G20 world citizenship/sportsmanship quiz. Special public panel discussions in the Ice Rink Banquet Room could be conducted to talk about "Finding the Even Playing Field in Sports and Politics" and “Translating the G20 Summit into plain Pittsburghese”. Plus the event also may include a special symbolic soccer match between Iranian and American young women through the Iranian Students Association of Pittsburgh. Perhaps the Pittsburgh Folk Festival might be able to provide some ethnic food and entertainment as well. The Banquet Room has a kitchen and 200 person capacity. An outside stage overlooking the City would be spectacular.

All participants (individuals and teams) would register for a nominal fee and be asked to contribute canned food for the Food Bank which MESH and/or Organizing for America volunteers would handle collecting - all in the spirit of the G20.

As you know, the G20, now at 25 nations, is practically shutting down the city for security reasons so this would be a positive and purposeful alternative for families to enjoy and it might attract some positive publicity while the City is doing battle with traffic snarls and demonstrators...it may also be something Obama might bring his athleticism in for a surprise visit...and some of the other more soccer-inclined country diplomats may want to check it out as well. Here is how I see this event logistically:

The Schenley Oval Field Turf surface could be sub divided into three sections to accommodate the clinic drills, skills contests and 3 v 3 competitions and the times could be divided into morning (9-Noon for grades K-3), afternoon (1-4pm for grades 4-8) and evening (6-9pm for grades 9-12) sessions… perhaps girls on Thursday, boys on Friday.

Thursday, September 24
9am-noon: Girls: grades K-3
1pm-4pm: Girls: grades 4-8
6pm-9pm: Girls: grades 9-12

Friday, Sept 25
9am-noon: Boys: grades K-3
1pm-4pm: Boys: grades 4-8
6pm-9pm: Boys: grades 9-12

Whadda ya think?

Larry Evans
Citizen Athlete Games
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