Single Payer Health Care Legislation

PUSH LogoPennsylvania is another major front for health care legislation at the state level. SB400/HB1660 would provide comprehensive health care to all Pennsylvanians; no premium or co-pay, no insurance companies telling you which physician, hospital treatment they'll pay for or second-guessing doctors' decisions while wasting money on their bureaucracies. Simple, streamlined and healthy for Pennsylvanians.

The legislation is a model for US. Rep. Kucinich's amendment, passed in House committee, would support state single payer systems. Pennsylvania is poised at the top of the list because our bill is further along than other states. Pittsburgh City Council strongly endorsed this bill; the City would save $160 million in five years. For information and updates go to Visit our new office at 2101 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill. Go to the October 20th rally in Harrisburg . Contact or and go to our website for information.