G20 Persian v Pittsburgh Symbolic Soccer Match Wrapup

G20 Persian v Pittsburgh Symbolic Soccer Match Wrapup
September 28, 2009
by Larry Evans

A friendly coed soccer game was brilliantly played on Friday morning, September 25th at 10am-Noon at Carnegie Mellon University’s Stadium. A Persian team - wearing green to show their solidarity with the Iranian reform movement was coached by Arash Farsi, a graduate student from CMU. They fought gamely against a Pittsburgh team made up of student women and adult men players from all over Western PA and coached by Larry Evans. Pittsburgh won 5-2 in an 80 minute match officiated by veteran referee Frank Correnti.

The spirited event was organized by Citizen Athlete Games, Organizing for America, the Persian Panthers, a Persian Student Organization and the University of Pittsburgh-Iranian Cultural Organization. The match’s symbolic intent was to highlight Iran’s situation after its rigged presidential election during the excitement and madness of the G20 Conference.

The Persian team’s flag and banner waving supporters chanted UNITED FOR IRAN and DEMOCRACY IN IRAN throughout the contest while Yinzer team fans just stuck with the old chestnut “RAH RAH REE, KICK ‘EM IN THE KNEE. RAH, RAH, RASS, KICK ‘EM IN THE OTHER KNEE. No G20 celebrities viewed the game unless possibly from one of the many fly-over helicopters buzzing around the Oakland demonstrations. Although invited to kick out the first ball and thus use the universal body language of soccer to send a message to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a very busy President Obama instead chose to deal with the increased tensions with Iran by issuing some stern words at the G20 Conference. Oh well, Barack’s bad.

Soccer Teams

The Game rosters:


Hassan Takabi - Goal Keeper
Christina Colosimo - Defender
Amirreza Masoumzadeh - Defender
Elham Khatami - Defender
Sarah Gad - Defender
Amir Soltani - Defender
Gaby Vargas - Midfielder
Matt Falzon - Midfielder
Somayeh Nassiri - Midfielder
Sepehr Nemati - Midfielder
Diana Gomez - Striker
Anahita Khojandi - Striker
Jaime Tupino - Striker
Kerri Gatti - Striker
Coral Wright - Striker
Arash Farsi - Coach


Kurt Lesker III – Wing
Kurt Lesker IV - Left Fullback
Richard Papp - Midfield
Mike Page - Forward
Dan Rogan - Right Fullback
Dave Paschel - Goalie
Len Scheinman – Stopper
Miriam Feiler – Striker
Kate Smith – Wing
Ian McIntyre - Sweeper
Mark Rauterkus - Midfield
Larry Evans – Coach/Midfield

For information, please contact:
Somayeh Nassiri 412-551-8663
Larry Evans 412-445-2951

Postscript: Since this fun CMU event, there has been interest brewing from Chatham University in hosting a CitizenAthlete SoccerFest the weekend before the November 09 election - something they did last November (08) and also from Slippery Rock U which hosts an annual spring international soccer tourney for college students and would like to add the Citizenship/Sportsmanship educational content since hearing about our CMU and Chatham (as well as RMU 08) events...thus over the long May 2010 weekend of May 16-18 (tuesday the 18th being the PA primary and school holiday for many districts including my home district of Mount Lebanon) look for a possible International Citizen Athlete SoccerFest event at SRU...anyone interested in helping with these projects - just give me a holler!
c412-445-2951 (Larry Evans)