If you live in or near the South Hills of Pittsburgh and you agree with our goals, please join up! Benefits of being a MESH member include:

  • Helping President Obama succeed,
  • Connecting with other like-minded people in our community and your neighborhood,
  • Participating in MESH projects,
  • Coming to the MESH Film Series,
  • Discussing local and national issues on the MESH forums, and
  • A secret decoder ring (while supplies last).

If you would like to join MESH, simply send an email to Someone will reply to your email to let you know your membership is accepted and give you a login name and password.

Soon all this will be automated with a form on this page. But there will still be an approval step by one of the MESH leaders. The reason for the approval step is that we want to make sure you are someone who lives in our community or has a direct link to it.

The reason for giving your name and other personal information is that we are all neighbors and neighbors know each other by name. MESH is not anonymous. We can do the most good for our community by interacting one on one with other people. Our opinions will be received better when we put our names behind them. We are not afraid of other people. We think the average stranger in the South Hills (and beyond) is a really nice person that we'd like to meet.

We understand that some people will feel that this is not for them and that's fine. Discretion is the better part of valor, and there are many other places where people can participate in projects and discussions without revealing who they are. And of course most people do not abuse their anonymity in those places. We just feel that within the comfort of our own community the risks are low and the rewards are many.

But fair's fair! When you send in your information, here are the people who will see it:

David Brown
512 N. Meadowcroft Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Jay Brinton
344 Tampa Ave
Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228
Stephen Goedert
361 Dale Rd
Bethel Park, PA 15102
Ninamary Langsdale
419 Glaids Dr
Mt. Lebanon, PA 15243