Combined MESH Meeting and OFA Strategy Session

Organizing for America is having a series of strategy sessions throughout the state to communicate their goals for the coming year and solicit feedback. MESH is organizing the South Hills meeting this Tuesday March 16 at 7:00 at the Castle Shannon Fire Hall (the smaller one), at 3600 Library Road (directions). A MESH members were at the one in Pittsburgh last week and it is well worth it, if for no other reason than to hear a list of the administration’s accomplishments over the last year.

Mike D'Armi, OfA's new regional field director for our area, will review the President's accomplishments so far and how Obama's supporters have helped make those things happen. Then OfA will outline the goals for the coming year and solicit input from volunteers as to how best to make that happen. MESH will also discuss a number of proposed initiatives for the coming year and try to get a sense of which issues you would like to focus on.

FightLet’s face it, many of us have been a little disappointed so far, but is that really fair? Obama always campaigned on a bipartisan approach. And when you look at what has really been accomplished it is definitely possible to feel the ship of state slowly turning. Remember, a small change in direction adds up to a big change overall after enough time. And even though we lost some battles we have also won some, more than we would have without Obama, and there is still a lot more room for improvement that is achievable.

So come out on the 16th and hear what else is in the cards. You just might get fired up again.
We still need you. More importantly, you still need you. And bring a friend.