Thank Senator Specter

Announcing a new MESH project: Thank Senator Specter.

The official project page can be found here.

The original solicitation is posted below.

Pennsylvania's Senator Arlen Specter made a principled stand last week when he crossed party lines to vote for President Obama's stimulus package. The Republican hardliners do not like that and they are already giving him a hard time. He will likely face some stiff competition in the 2010 primary, possibly from Representative Pat Toomey:

"United States Senate election in Pennsylvania, 2004 In 2004, he challenged incumbent Senator Arlen Specter in the Republican primary election. Aided by $2 million of advertising from the Club for Growth (a conservative political action committee that focuses on fiscal issues and targets moderate Republican incumbents), Toomey criticized Specter as a liberal spendthrift. Toomey's campaign theme was that Specter, a moderate, was not fiscally conservative enough…Toomey lost by a 1.7 percent margin after an 11th-hour endorsement of the incumbent, Specter, by President George W. Bush." --Wikipedia

Most politicians are used to receiving thousands of calls and emails during a political battle, but they almost never receive thanks. Accordingly, the few thanks they do get are very well received and very effective in bolstering their confidence that they did the right thing. If Senator Specter receives a lot of appreciation for his vote on the stimulus it could make him more likely to continue to help President Obama. He’ll need some of that encouragement to support a new budget that addresses healthcare, education, and energy.

Let's each write a personal letter or card to Senator Specter and show him how much we appreciate his courageous position. Rather than give you a form letter to tack you name onto, it's better that the words come from your own heart, even if they are only one line. Of course it wouldn't hurt to at least mention MESH. And, if you want, convert your letter to a pdf file and email it to me at (If you don't have a scanner at home or at work, no worries. Mail me a copy and I'll scan it at work.) I will post a link on this page to all the letters Senator Specters we receive so we can all share in the love.

Here is Senator Specter's Pittsburgh address:

Senator Arlen Specter
425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1450
Regional Enterprise Tower
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

If you would prefer to email the senator you can do so here. However, the government's standard web form is disappointing because you cannot use your email client, and the web form does not send you a copy of what you wrote. So that's why the personal letter is much preferred. If you do use the form, be sure to scrape off what you wrote and save it for your records and, if you wish, to share here.