Instructions to Make Blood Donor Appointment (2010)

Click on Host a Blood Drive
Click on Blood Drive Coordinator Sign In on the left side of the page.
The Chairperson Login will appear.
Enter your User ID and password provided below and click Login
User ID Password
jbrinton4729 *******
dbrown4730 *******
meshone *******
meshtwo *******
meshthree *******
The Welcome page will appear. You will see your name at the top of the page. The toolbar on the left hand side of the screen as well as the icons in the center of the page will help you navigate through the system.
To schedule a donor appointment:
Click on the Drive Schedules icon in the center of the page (second one from the top).  Your drive information and donor schedule will come up on this screen.
Click on an AVAILABLE time slot and the donor information screen will appear.
Enter the donor’s name and phone number (which are required fields) and an email address if you have it.
A confirmation page will appear.  Review the content, and if correct click CONFIRM APPOINTMENT
Another confirmation page will appear with the donor entered in the appointment slot you selected.
Return to the on line schedule to schedule the next donor.
To cancel or edit an appointment:
Click on the donor’s name on the schedule and an APPOINTMENT DETAILS tab will appear.
To cancel the appointment click on CANCEL APPOINTMENT and click YES
To change or edit donor information for an appointment click on EDIT THE APPOINTMENT and change the necessary information.
Once the correct information is entered—click SAVE.  Verify the information is correct and click CLOSE.
You will then be returned to the online schedule.
To print the blood drive schedule:
In the top right hand corner of the drive details/schedule page, click PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION to view and print copies of your donor schedule.
Please be sure to click LOG OUT when finished with all to exit the system.
Please call or email Jay if you have any questions or need assistance.