My Letter to Editor re Glenn Beck inPeters

Mr. Murphy has done a good job of appearing as a moderate, & perhaps at one time he was.

On Monday Glenn Beck showed a video of a League sponsored debate and announced he's added them to the list of people he does not trust. On Tuesday Mr Murphy & his supporters provoked an incident replicating the event shown on Beck's show. On Thursday one of Mr. Murphy's supporters is quoted on the front page of the P-G saying, "the insensitivity (referring to the League) is inexcusable and outrageous . The crowd's reaction was an American moment, that's what it was."

Yes, once again we are reminded who the "real americans" are. The said supporter makes sure the reporter knows he sat beside an Afghanistan veteran during the debate, reminding us of who the "true patriots" are.

Those of us who were there or spoke with others who were there had a different sense of that moment. When something that should unite our nation ( the pledge 0R a non-partisan candidates' debate) is used to divide us we should ALL take notice.

Mr Murphy claims he hadn't heard about "the outcry on Fox." Mr. Murphy refused to say whether he thought the league was partisan. As an American I as most revere the pledge. Shame on you Mr. Murphy, deploying a tactic for political gain to distract from the real issues.

Shame on you PP-G. The purpose of the debate was to inform voters of the candidates' take on the very real problems our nation faces. The only story I've seen in the P-G. of is the one regarding the pledge controversy.

If this were an isolated incident perhaps we could dismiss it , but for those of us who are paying attention it's just one of many incidents where manipulative tactics are used to separate us. The common folk, the poor & the middle class attack each other while the true power brokers aided by Glenn Beck & company smile. Again the media focuses on the tactics involved in the horse race. I had hoped Mr. Murphy would speak out against these divisive tactics.

Lois Fitzgerald October 28, 2010 sent
1296 Pinewood Drive Never published
Pittsburgh PA 15243