MESH Health Care Kickoff

MESH is hosting Health Care Organizing Kickoff events on June 6 in association with Organizing for America.  We will use these events to develop a strategy for lobbying efforts in our area and begin planning a project for the National Healthcare Day of Service on June 27.

2 events are planned so far.  Here are the sign-up links:
MESH Health Care Kickoff (10am - 12pm)
MESH Health Care Kickoff (12pm - 2pm)

Both events are being hosted at Ninamary Langsdale's home:

419 Glaids Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

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There is huge interest in what should be the greatest healthcare policy initiative since Medicare.  We already have 32 sign-ups and that is with little promotion and includes only a few MESH members.  Thus, we would like to plan another event or two for that Saturday.

If you are interested in volunteering to host or assist with these kickoff events, please reply to this post.