Health Care Declarations

ObamaCareMESH is teaming up with Organizing for America to collect Health Care Declarations from American voters. Completing a declaration states that you support the President in the health insurance reform debate. We are trying to get thousands of declarations in every congressional district so the President can stand up to Congress and get a better deal for us.

You might be for single payer (I am), and therefore not too happy with the compromises that have been or might be made. But giving the President more ammunition can only end in a better result. Also, you know the other side is mobilizing their forces as well. We didn't set out to make this a Waterloo, but that's what it is now whether we like it or not. If we aren't careful we might lose even more after the recess.

Tim Murphy's Position on Healthcare

Tim MurphyMESH member Eileen Senn wrote to Tim Murphy about health care, and here is what they sent back. What do you think about what he says? Let us know your thoughts in a comment!

Dear Ms. Senn,

Thank you for contacting me to express your views on health care. It is good to hear from you and I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Single Payer Health Care Legislation

PUSH LogoPennsylvania is another major front for health care legislation at the state level. SB400/HB1660 would provide comprehensive health care to all Pennsylvanians; no premium or co-pay, no insurance companies telling you which physician, hospital treatment they'll pay for or second-guessing doctors' decisions while wasting money on their bureaucracies. Simple, streamlined and healthy for Pennsylvanians.

Hollywood Theater Reopens in Dormont

Hollywood TheaterIn a bit of local economic good news, the Hollywood Theater on Potomac Avenue in Dormont reopened this month and I can say it's really nice. I went Saturday night to see a Quentin Tarantino's new film Inglorious Basterds for the wallet-loving price of just $6 apiece. For that we got a great movie on a single big screen in a huge room with reclining seats and the most leg room I've seen in a theater in decades. We sat in the front row of the balcony as we sipped cold beer from our cooler. That's right, this theater is BYOB for beer and wine and they're applying for a liquor license.

Petition Obama: The Public Option Is Not Optional

Sibelius and ObamaIf we don't make a stand now for a public option, the Obama administration may hedge on its plan for health care reform. On August 15, the Obama administration indicated that it might be open to passing health care reform without any provision for a public insurance option similar to Medicare that could compete with private insurance companies. President Obama said that a public option was just a "sliver" of his plan. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius went so far as to say that the public option was not an "essential" part of reform. (Source)

MESH Member Meets President Obama

Kelly FraaschMESH member Kelly Fraasch was among those selected to meet President Obama on Thursday (August 20, 2009). Kelly was selected based on her touching health care story and her work on the Health Care Declarations project with MESH and Organizing for America. She is also the founder and leader of the Parent Resource Network. That's her just to the left of Obama's podium, seated next to Mitch Stewart.

Here is Kelly's story...

MESH Writing Campaign

Two parts:
1. Meet to discuss what is being reported in the media about Health Insurance Reform
2. Develop letters to the editor, fact sheets to be used in canvassing for declarations, editorials, newsletter articles, ANY written communication that supports our objective

Please rsvp using

Event date/time: 
Repeats every week on August every Sunday until Mon Aug 31 2009 .
Sun, 08/09/2009 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sun, 08/16/2009 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sun, 08/23/2009 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sun, 08/30/2009 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

PA State Budget

A few days from now about 33,000 state workers will get pay checks that contain only 70 percent of their normal pay because they won't be paid for days worked after July 1, when the new fiscal year began. On July 24, another group of 44,000 state workers will get checks containing only 20 percent of their normal pay.

If the budget stalemate drags into August, neither group will be paid until a budget is approved.

What's Up with Single Payer Health Care Legislation?

Since MESH volunteers began working on our latest project supporting President Obama's principles for reforming health care, details on the bills being debated in Congress swirl in coverage that focuses on cost. Cost is important, but this may be our last chance at true reform for 5 more years. Don't we want to try to do it right? So, to determine how much you know and what you want to know, this is the first MESH health care poll on single payer insurance. Please go to the poll and let us know what you know and how you feel. Thanks!

Film Series: Uncounted - The New Math of American Elections


The MESH Film Series will continue in July with Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections.  Showings are Tuesday, July 14 and Tuesday July 28 at 7:30 at David Brown's house, 512 N. Meadowcroft Avenue, Mt. Lebanon. RSVP by emailing or just stop by.

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