Health Care Declarations

David Brown

ObamaCareMESH is teaming up with Organizing for America to collect Health Care Declarations from American voters. Completing a declaration states that you support the President in the health insurance reform debate. We are trying to get thousands of declarations in every congressional district so the President can stand up to Congress and get a better deal for us.

You might be for single payer (I am), and therefore not too happy with the compromises that have been or might be made. But giving the President more ammunition can only end in a better result. Also, you know the other side is mobilizing their forces as well. We didn't set out to make this a Waterloo, but that's what it is now whether we like it or not. If we aren't careful we might lose even more after the recess.

Here is the Declaration sheet: Health Care Declarations.

It's really vague, we know. That's because Obama's style to avoid drawing lines in the sand. But what it basically says is you support the President. If you want to be listed, all you have to do is email me with the information that you would have written on it if I had handed it to you personally. And don't forget other voting members of your household.


If you want to do even more, print out the declarations page and get others to sign it. Then scan the pages and email them back to me. Or just snail mail them to me. Even better, just type the information for each person into Word, Excel, or Notepad and email me that file. Anything we collect through Labor Day weekend will get into the final count.

Phone Banking

Check back soon when we will have instructions for collecting declarations by phone calling. It's a very effective way to get large numbers.

David Brown

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